Typewith.me let multiple users work on a single document simultaneously

Typewith.me is a great service which let multiple users work on single document simultaneously. You can create a new document and there is no need to signup for users. A URL will be created for the document, like http://typewith.me/HoDqXuyIj3 (its the one I tested with my room-mate). Just share this URL with users you want […]

Commit Web 2.0 suicide to live a real life

Are you one of those who spends more time online than in offline world? Do you miss your real life? If you do, then you can commit suicide in your online life by this weird but great service – Web 2.0 Suicide machine which helps you actually do that on facebook, twitter, linkedin & myspace. […]

Youconvertit – Online tool to convert various formats

youconvertit is a service that can upload any file such as image, documents, audio & video in any format and then give you the option of choosing the output format and then it sends the download link to the file via email. The download link is valid for 7days and after which the link will […]