Typewith.me let multiple users work on a single document simultaneously


Typewith.me is a great service which let multiple users work on single document simultaneously.


You can create a new document and there is no need to signup for users. A URL will be created for the document, like http://typewith.me/HoDqXuyIj3 (its the one I tested with my room-mate). Just share this URL with users you want to work with.

Users get to see a present copy of the document with additional options of setting their name, text background color and chat facility on the sidebar.

As users start typing in the document, the text will appear with the background color selected. The magic is that the text is synchronized as you type so that everyone viewing the document sees the same text.

Its a great tool when you need to work on something together with other users. Everyone can participate simultaneously.

There are additional options to Import/Export, view Saved Revisions, clearing background colors and a Time slider. Time Slider view lets you see the document as per state of the document with respect to time. If you want a demo, open the test document, I created for this post and click on the Time Slider button.

I hope you can make use of this tool when collaborating with friends, colleagues or co-worker. Isn’t the service pretty useful? What do you think?


One response to “Typewith.me let multiple users work on a single document simultaneously”

  1. How do I host a typewithme platform internally (to collaborate within the office community) so that the content will not be available to outside world?