Commit Web 2.0 suicide to live a real life


Are you one of those who spends more time online than in offline world? Do you miss your real life? If you do, then you can commit suicide in your online life by this weird but great service – Web 2.0 Suicide machine which helps you actually do that on facebook, twitter, linkedin & myspace.

It requires you to specify your username and password for the service in which you want to commit suicide and it will start an automatic script which will unfriend every friend of yours and delete every trace of you. I am not going to try it but I saw its video and was impressed by the creative innovation of this service. If you want an impact to stop wasting your time doing things online and start living a real meaningful life, then its for you.

I must warn its close to real suicide, once you start it, there is no turning back. You can’t recover anything back.

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