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Many of us surely have Gigs of music collection on our hard drives. Be it your collection of English songs or Hindi songs or any other language that you are fond of, there are still lots of mp3s of yours that are still lying unorganized in some folder. How about updating the information in the tags within mp3s and then having a organized collection, all full with details like Artist Info, Genre, Year of Release etc. Interested Enough? Read on..

First of all you should know a thing about mp3. Each mp3 file has a ID3 tag. An ID3 tag is a data container within an MP3 audio file stored in a prescribed format. This data commonly contains the Artist name, Song title, Year and Genre of the current audio file. And we can have a organized collection by filling up the missing details in the tags of mp3s.

MusicBrainz is a community music metadatabase that attempts to create a comprehensive music information site. You can use the MusicBrainz data either by browsing this web site, or you can access the data from a client program – for example, a CD player program can use MusicBrainz to identify CDs and provide information about the CD, about the artist or about related information. You can also use the MusicBrainz Tagger to automatically identify and clean up the metadata tags in your digital music collections.

You can use the tagger provided by MusicBrainz to correctly tag your mp3s. The tagger conducts offline and online detection algorithms to recognize the song and then fill up its ID3 tag. Not every mp3 can be successfully recognized and filled with information but still it is able to tag a good share of your mp3 collection. There are different tagger available depending on the platform on which they can run and how many type of formats they can handle. Some have support for wav, flac, wma and vorbis. Definately worth a try. Find yourself the tagger you want, here.

Need any kind of help, leave a comment here and I will look into it.


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  1. Nice tool , i am going to give it a try .

    1. It helped me a lot tagging many mp3s in my collection.
      Do tell me how well it work for you.

  2. FixTunes can also help organize your mp3s and upload album art. The full mac version is now available from the website!

  3. @Kelly
    Thanks for telling us.

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    um, juSt some question can upload here BoA Kwon songs,. she’s a korean co’z finD hard to dowmload her songs, please do reply 😥

  5. @secret
    Well, I have never heard of her because I am an Indian.
    You can try looking for her songs on torrents, you tube and lastly on a music related forum. I hope that helps.

  6. Try nerxy file organizer at it enables you to organizer your music and photos by content like song artist or album and your photos by data picture taken and camera type or model. It can also remove any duplicates items while scanning and you can set an automatic organizing rules.

  7. @Malas
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Awesome tool for my music collection.

  9. I have so much music, it’s not even funny! I shall be trying this one, thanks!