WordPress Optimized WebHost – WpWebHost Review

Selecting the right webhost is crucial for a web publisher as it keep hosting woes at bay and let the publisher concentrate on what is important i.e. generating content. WpWebHost Offers everything one would expect out of a hosting package. The thing worth mentioning about them is that their servers are specially configured for WordPress […]

Glary Undelete : Recover deleted files

Whatever be the reason why you deleted a file, now you want it back. Finding your way around? Look no further. Glary Undelete is a software that can take care of the task of recovering files from your drive. And all this at no cost. Yes, its a freeware. Definately worth a try.

Review : Microtek 800VA Double Battery UPS

Everybody needs a UPS to protect his/her system on power failures else it can lead to data loss or even damage to hardware. Here is a review of Microtek 800VA Double Battery UPS, which I have been using for over 16months.

GnuCash – Your free personal finance manager!

This guest post was written by Mayank of ReviewSaurus. For more free software reviews, visit ReviewSaurus.com Alright not exactly but yes, you here is an open-source tool which can help you manage your accounts without much hassles. GNU-Cash is the program which I’m talking about here. GNU-Cash is a free and open-source software and which […]

Use BlackList to Keep Unwanted Callers away

Imagine you are getting a call from a person whose call you will want to miss at any cost and at the same time don’t want to create the impression of ignorance. Well, you can do that with the help of BlackList on your Symbian phone. Following Phones are compatible : Nokia 3230, 3600, 3620, […]

Organize your Music Collection by MusicBrainz Tagger

Many of us surely have Gigs of music collection on our hard drives. Be it your collection of English songs or Hindi songs or any other language that you are fond of, there are still lots of mp3s of yours that are still lying unorganized in some folder. How about updating the information in the […]

Youconvertit – Online tool to convert various formats

youconvertit is a service that can upload any file such as image, documents, audio & video in any format and then give you the option of choosing the output format and then it sends the download link to the file via email. The download link is valid for 7days and after which the link will […]