How to find Guest Bloggers for you?


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There will be times for bloggers where they will need a guest blogger to make a couple of posts. The reason might be anything like vacation or exams. Getting guest bloggers for your bloggers for your blog is not easy unless you offer them something valuable. If the bloggers is your friend, then you might get a post or two easily. But to get someone who you don’t know much, to guest post in your blog is tough. Here are few tips that will get you guest bloggers for your blog:

1. Offer Them A Back Link

If you have a high Page Rank blog, then you don’t have to worry about getting a guest blogger. You offer them a backlink from your high PR blog. Offer a text link not only with in the post but also in the sidebar for a week. If you are really caring for what Google says, then put a no follow tag. This will still help the guest blogger by sending few visitors to his/her blog. If you have a blog with good traffic but less PR, you can still get a guest blogger easily.

2. Pay Them

Paying is one of the best ways to get a quality post. If you are going on a vacation, pay a blogger to do a single post or series of posts. When you pay a blogger to make a guest post, the quality will be good and also will get high traffic. Sometimes, the paid bloggers even take care of the comments, reply to each of them (sometimes the ones who are not paid also do), and also take care of the article to get popular on Social websites. If you are looking for a paid blogger to write a post or a series of guest posts or even if you want to hire a blogger, then feel free to contact me.

3. Guest Post In Return

This tip is not for those who want to hire when they are leaving for a vacation. This is an additional way to get a guest blogger and also few subscribers. Yes I said few subscribers. How? If you form an agreement with another blogger of your niche to exchange posts, then the readers of the blog where you are writing the guest post are likely to become your blog’s subscribers.

Here are a few bonus tips to show others that you are in need of guest bloggers:

1. Put up a banner in your sidebar and link to a page where you tell about the need of a guest blogger.

2. Write it in anyone of your normal blog post. I recommend you to tell about it in your Sunday link-buzz post or even in the weekly round-up post.

3. Email your friends that you are in look out for a guest blogger.

4. Write a line in your guest posts in other blogs that you need a guest blogger. But don’t make it look like an advertisement.

Were you at any time in look for guest bloggers? Did you get any of them to guest blog? Have you tried any of the points I listed? Please share it in the comments.


5 responses to “How to find Guest Bloggers for you?”

  1. Thanks for the sharing tips?

  2. Sure is hard to find sites to hire Guest Bloggers and writers… even moreso from your specific niche… Some good ideas here tho.

    1. Yes! Only friends from your social network can help. 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I have used bloggerlinkup to get guest bloggers on They send you an email list of websites that are looking for guests writers and writers who are looking to guest post. The guest bloggers are pretty easy to work with and the content is decent.

    1. Thanks for sharing!