Review : Microtek 800VA Double Battery UPS

Everybody needs a UPS to protect his/her system on power failures else it can lead to data loss or even damage to hardware. Here is a review of Microtek 800VA Double Battery UPS, which I have been using for over 16months.


Feature Highlights

  • Extended Input Voltage Range of 135-300 Volts
  • Smart Boost function for Low Input Voltage
  • Smart Buck function for High Input Voltage
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Load / Short Circuit Protection
  • Battery Deep Discharge / Over Charge Protection

What we like about it?

  • Good Backup time (25-50mins) We tested it on a Pentium D 3.0Ghz with 17″CRT while encoding a video, it lasted for 30mins and then it low battery alarm starts beeping.
  • Can take up loads of a Woofer also, doesn’t restart the computer although connecting a woofer to UPS is not recommended.
  • Can handle voltage spikes very effectively, immediately switches to battery backup mode on voltage fluctuations
  • At a price tag of around 2.2K INR, it is a good deal.

What we don’t like about it?

  • At this price tag, it can’t get better than this.
  • But still to point out, it lacks software monitoring in which UPS status can be communicated to the OS.

While buying check that you get a manual which has a sticker of your UPS serial number. If its missing, then your UPS is not a original Microtek product. Once you are its owner, then it won’t take you long to call yourself a proud owner.

Bonus Tips :

  1. Before the first time use, it is advisable to charge it for 6~8 hrs for optimum use.
  2. Remember to discharge your UPS completely once every month to ensure good battery life.
  3. Never connect any load to the UPS while it is in battery backup mode. It might reboot the system.


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  1. Double battery = double protection. I think it’s time to change my UPS too. Thanks for the post. Oh, it seems like we use the same WP theme, check out my Tech Blog. (You might win prizes)

  2. @Patrick
    You got a good blog there. Liked your concept of maintaining the blog.

  3. I just want to say that price tag is not about 2.2K INR .
    it is 3.2K INR ( Model MDP 800+ double battery 800VA ) .

  4. @mvs
    I bought two of them in 2.2K although the MRP is higher. You need to find the best deal on hardware. Nothing costs a bomb shell unless you are looking for extreme hardware performance.

  5. can somebody send me the manual or guide me ton where i can find the manul to Microtek 800VA Double Battery UPS . My UPS makes a continuous beep sound as soon as i start it .

    1. it does the when it is on backup.
      in my laptop it is also doing this.
      this is not to worry.

      1. ahem.. I didn’t get your point!

  6. can somebody send me the manual or guide me ton where i can find the manul to Microtek 800VA Double Battery UPS . My UPS makes a continuous beep sound as soon as i start it .

  7. Nice Blog I just purchased Microtek 800VA Double Battery UPS at Rs: 2700/- from Nehru Place (New Delhi). Rohan, you can call Microtek support. Visit for details.

  8. Sir,

    I am sending the Technical Specification please Quote me the Rates.

    1. 1 KVA UPS with 3 Hrs Back up 7 Nos 7 different Places.
    230 V /50 Hz Single Phase.
    Half Line Ups

    2. Load on the Meachine 1 Computer 1 Lazer Printer HP 1010.

    Places to be installed
    a) Navalgunda
    b) Kanapura
    c) Sankeshwar
    d) Gokak
    e) Hassan
    f) Haveri
    g) Shigov.

    B.Srinivasashwin Prasad
    ( Asst IT Manager).


    1. Send me a quotation for double battery UPS [800VA]

  9. @Nishant
    Its a good UPS but you paid too much for it.
    Go for APC ups. They are the best in market, although expensive but they are worth it.

  10. S.SURYA KAMESH Avatar


    I think u r UPS fuse must have blown u can replace the fuse with new one rating between 6-10amps.

  11. S. SURYA KAMESH Avatar


    I think u r UPS fuse must have blown u can replace the fuse with new one rating between 6-10amps.

  12. Amit kumar Avatar
    Amit kumar

    I have this product since last of march08 but now its backup is zero.

  13. Anirban Banerjee Avatar
    Anirban Banerjee

    Kindly help me. As I m using Microtek UPS(Double Battery) but it is not functioning properly as power goes it suddenly break down withou giving a single min. Backup .So wat is the problem and how to rectify it.????

  14. Sapna Avatar

    I would like to buy a microtek UPS and enquired about it in Bangalore, the price that they quote is 3500/- for a 800va UPS. Did you buy it for 2.2K in Bangalore, if so, may I have the contatc details please. Thank you, Sapna

  15. @Amit, Anirban
    It is advisable to change the batteries after 1 year of usage. And the truth is nobody does and then we complain about the product. Mine have worked longer. So, you might want to replace the batteries. Get it check somewhere.
    MRP of this UPS was Rs2750 as far as I can recall. Try some other retailer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. I bought one today MDP800+ for 3.5K (This is Bangalore). I managed to bargain paying in two installment (1.5K + 2K). However, I still don’t know about the best prices in Bangalore.

    Other than this blog, there’s nothing that talks about it in the www!

  17. In 3.5K (Bangalore) (1.5K down + 2K pdc), I also got a home delivery… no sweat deal! FYI.

    1. @Raja
      I bought two of them in the past at 2.2k

  18. Thanks, Ashfme. Is that frm Bangalore. Is that MDP800+. b.t.w., do you know what’s the mrp on the box?

  19. @Raja
    I bought it in Delhi a year ago and the MRP was about 2.7k

  20. Hi

    Can any one Specify the Ah rating And the Charger Used in this System



    1. You are at the wrong place. I don’t sell them.

  22. mohit kumar Avatar
    mohit kumar

    THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG THIS 800 Volt UPS is not good and they dont do quality test on these ups, i have 800 VA ups and most of my parts are damaged.

  23. mohit kumar Avatar
    mohit kumar

    THIS 800 VA and mostly all modern models of Microtek are going bad, microtech is loosing quality control, this is very sad for me and for those who have faith on microtek ๐Ÿ™

    1. If your piece has gone bad, then it doesn’t mean the actual product is bad.

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  25. Yes the price you quoted is correct. I paid exactly 2.2k in kolkata for this 2 years back but it sucks in quality. My previous UPS died after nearly 3.5 years but this one battery totally dead inside 12 months.

    This is why people still buy APC and not crap Indian/Chinese products.

    1. The batteries are supposed to be replaced in 1 year. Mine ran for 2 years when they died. And now I don’t even have one plugged, who cares ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. Well if you don’t even use the battery, you probably don’t even need an UPS. Where I live, there is 10-12 hours of power cut daily, so its impossible to run computers without any UPS. A good UPS is a must.

    Those APC UPS with auto shutdown/auto turn on feature in what I am looking at now. Will buy a 1500VA model within this month for 10k for peace of mind.

    1. APC are the best but they are generally a lot expensive than what the average user is ready to pay for them. Unless you really want them, you would be better with normal branded UPS and change their battery yearly. One costs around 650 bucks, you will save a lot of money.

  27. GOOD

  28. Microtek 800VA Double Battery UPS is worst… i am using it since last 2 months, but since beginning on power cut some times it restarts my system and sometime it sustains. but the backup is good as dual batteries are inside, but the restart problem is not solved even i sent it to there service center. can anyone help me regarding that????

  29. Well the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true here as well. I have learned that the hard way since every product I have ever bought never lasted long.

    2.2k for a 800VA double battery UPS, you can’t expect quality at that price. Since dumping my Microtek UPS, I have been using an APC 1KVA UPS worth 5.6k and its been serving me flawlessly till date.

  30. kamlesh singh Avatar
    kamlesh singh

    my ups 800va is not given backup propaly near about 8-9 minute only.please help me .send me service center in varanasi up.i am having problem from battery low backup.please tell me what i can do…kamlesh singh

  31. Sanam Marik Avatar
    Sanam Marik

    hi frnds, I was using a 700va one. it worked good. wont say xcellent, bt it was nice. its battery lasted for 4.5years. i had purchased it in Kolkata on Nov, 2006(lol). bt recently after a long faithful life, it ultimately died. hehe. nw I wanna hav the same again once more. bt cant find a 700va one. so, is it available in the market at all????!!!!!!

    Thanks in advance, buddy!!!

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