How to copy themes in Series60 v2 phones


Every time you feel like giving a change to your theme, you need to install the *.sis file for it. But what if the installer file is not available or you just want to copy a theme from your friend’s phone? You can easily copy the theme from one phone to another provided that they both run on same operating system, Series60 v2 in this tutorial.You need to have a file explorer installed in both the phones to have access to every file, just like you can peek into your windows drive. Either the theme is installed in your phone memory or external memory (memory card). Whatever be the case – Theme files are stored in %install_dir%\system\skins. Go to C:\system\skins if your theme is installed in phone memory else go to E:\system\skins if the theme is installed on external memory (memory card). Copy paste all the files of the theme from source phone to another phone, in the same directory structure.


A theme includes a folder in which all the files reside. First create a same name folder in another phone and then copy all the files in that folder to the folder you just created in another phone.

Received files will be placed in your inbox. Your messages reside in C:\system\mail if you have chosen to save your messages on phone memory or in E:\system\mail if you have chosen to save your messages on external memory (memory card). You can use search feature of file explorer to find the files you want. This procedure is a little long but definately worthy for having an irresistible theme.


Now if you open Themes, your theme will be included in the list. If you face any problem or want to ask something, let me know. I will help you out. Have your say in the comments.