Google Reader for your smartphone


Subscribing to feeds makes it very easy to keep you updated with posts from your favorite blogs. You have a option of choosing either a online feeds reader or a offline feeds reader. You have lots of option available when you are at desktop. What about those who read feeds while they are on move right from their smartphones? Either you can manually visit blogs that you want to read or you can install a feed reader on your phone. Manually visiting each & every blog can be a pain and installing feed reader calls for certain things such as cost of feed reader, space for downloading feeds and all. Google provides a better solution for users that loves to hook up with their smartphones while they are on move.

A vast group of users uses Google Reader on their browser. So why don’t you? Just open from your phone’s browser and you will be ready to blow in your Google account with a interface designed for smartphones.


Google also provides a different interface for smartphones for other services. Check all of the list here : try it out. It provides a very neat presentation on my Nokia 3230. What other things do you use on your cell phone to read feeds? Share it with other readers in the comments.