January 2008 Most Popular Posts




Here is the compilation of popular posts for the month January 2008. Check them out if you have missed any of them or if you have lately subscribed.

How to change drive letter
Simple tutorial for changing the drive letter of your hard drive. You can change or swap them as you want them to.

How to transfer files between computer and mobile device using bluetooth
This tutorial describes how to transfer files between your computer and any bluetooth enabled device.

5 Things you would love to do on your smartphone
5 applications you can’t miss to have on your smartphone if you have an unlimited data plan. If you are missing any one of them then you are definitely missing something.

How to get Flip 3D effect in WinXP
A simple application that lets you have 3D flipping of open windows in WinXP just like in Vista.

How to Copy an Orkut Profile Image
Orkut prevents users from copying display images. Here is a simple trick that you can use to get the URL of image and copy it easily.

5+1 Ways of promoting your Blog/Site/Brand name in your college
You can guess from the title what the post is all about.

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  1. I really loved your post on prmoting the site in college. All the best for this month.

  2. @Madhur
    Thanks for the wishes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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