Cancel Godaddy Domain Registration Order

Recently I was playing with the Godaddy cart and found myself into a position where I have placed an order of an unwanted domain and that too with no discount coupons applied (I could have saved some bucks) whereas I myself keep au updated copy of some of the Godaddy discount coupons for personal use or for anyone who would like to save some bucks.

Here are the instructions I followed to cancel the order and get a refund :

I wrote them a support request and told them that I have bought a domain in mistake and would like to cancel my order. I was already logged in (so my Account ID gets communicated automatically). I told them the domain in concern and the Order number. Less data may do the job too but I tried to put up as much information I had.

Then I got a email response from their support team asking me to follow these steps:

  • Select Payments and Renewing Items from the Renewals menu towards the left of your screen.
    godaddy options
  • Check the box next to the item(s) you would like to cancel and click on the Cancel Item button.
    godaddy options
  • Select Cancel Now in the menu that appears to the right and then click on Save Changes.
    godaddy options

Let them know when you have done these steps by replying to their support email and you will be good with your part. In approximately 2 days time, I got my order canceled and Credit Card was refunded with a deducted amount. I am not sure if Godaddy deducted some of the amount or it was my Bank but I was satisfied that I almost got the whole of it refunded with a small deduction as a price of my mistake (Never Mind – Mistakes are the best teachers). So if you have accidentally bought a domain too then Don’t Panic, a domain registration order can be canceled within 5days. Have your say in the comments.


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  2. How about if you want to cancel the domain name and register with another service provider? Is it possible to do it after your cancellation right away? I heard that godaddy doesn’t allow to do so within 60 days. Is this true?

    1. @Kung
      It will certainly be possible with other providers too. Please check with the respective registrars (Shoot them a mail) 😉

  3. Gustavo Avatar

    If I cancel my registration … The domain is
    free for someone else?
    You know you about this?

    1. @Gustavo
      Yes! If you cancel your order, it will again be available for registration.

  4. Thanks, I used these steps to cancel my order.

  5. Thanks a lot ! I just registered two days ago a domain name by mistake and i realised i cannot do anything with it…so this tips save my bucks!

  6. @da3dalus @lazyking
    Me too accidentally bought a domain and if I look back then I laugh how I ended up buying a domain by mistake. lolz 😀

  7. Good. Thanks. I canceled my order on GoDaddy successfully.

    1. Good to hear that! 🙂

  8. Meri godaddy ki id kisine hack kar di hai mene sub domin aap ke batye aanusar cancel kar diye hai mujhe aap iske bare mein jankari de mene aapna credit card bhi close karne ki application di hai please help karo friend my no is +919375799619

    1. Try retrieving that godaddy account, contact their support. Why did you deleted the domains?

      1. delete nahi cancel kare hai ab mere paise kab tak vapis aa jayege

        1. Canceling them is equivalent to deleting them. If you have canceled the order, they won’t be retained in your account.
          It will take quite some days to credit the amount back to credit card.

          1. apne jaise batya hai mene aise hi kara hai
            ok sir

            1. The post is about canceling an order (a domain or something you bought but you don’t want).

  9. Thanks, thats great!
    I was desperate, but I hope this work.

  10. Thanks, this helped me cancel while I was still on hold waiting for godaddy to cancel it for me.

    1. Glad to help! 🙂

  11. Thank you! You save someone from panic-ing the the whole day while waiting for godaddy support to response. Thanks a lot!

  12. very helpful article..!!
    Thank You..!!