Setup Google Apps for managing domain emails

I am using Google Apps for managing emails for some of my domains already and a friend cum client just showed interest in having a email ID on his domain. I told him that one can use Google Apps for letting Google manage their domain emails and he couldn’t ask for more. I was going to use it for one more of my domain so I thought I would write a post on it as the already available tutorials failed to satisfy my expectations out of a tutorial.

Alright. What we need to do is that as soon as the mail comes to our domain, we want that mail to go to Google’s server so that it can be collected and stored over there.

So Lets begin.

  • First of all, Sign up for Google Standard Edition here :
  • You may want to look at Premier edition before signing up as there are some restrictions in the Standard edition like accounts for only 50 users can be created under Standard edition.
  • Create a account that you will use to manage that domain account on Google Apps. For example :
  • Verify Domain ownership either by uploading a html file or by creating a CNAME record.
  • Create a new user as the email you wanted on your domain name. For example :
  • Now login with your new user by changing the domain name to the one concerned in the URL example :

Now we have done the setup on Google Apps. Lets proceed to making changes in our hosting account.
Login in your hosting account and look for MX entry or MX records.
Enter the values one by one which are as following :

Priority Mail Server

( The values were taken from Google Apps Admin Help. )

After making the changes, wait for the DNS to propagate which can take up to 48hrs.

You have completed the setup for having your own email on domain which is managed by Google Apps. Let me know via comments if you need more help or ran into issues.


8 responses to “Setup Google Apps for managing domain emails”

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  2. This is great. I was searching how to do exactly this last night but I couldn’t find any free services. Then I wasted about 5 hours messing around with gmail and still couldn’t receive any mail. Thank you very much for this info!

  3. jack horrow Avatar
    jack horrow

    nice post.. you have explained everything in details.. in a good manner.. am impressed.. nice post overall.. google apps is really doing wonders
    jack horrow

  4. @Phone Sleuth @Jack
    You’re welcome!

  5. i am having Standard Edition with 50 user id but i need more 50 user id so what should i do.

    1. Upgrade the edition to a paid one. I would say either do a quick google search or contact their support.

  6. Ashfame– what a great article. I have one question to clarify. I am buying a new domain. Do I need to first buy the mailbox offers with that domain (e.g. $2.99 for 50 mailboxes on GoDaddy) or does this replace the need to buy any mailboxes with them? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rob,
      No you don’t need to buy anything from your web host. Its like you will route the email to Google’s server and they will handle everything for free.