Delete Godaddy account and associated information

If you want to delete Godaddy account then you should know that as per their Privacy Policy, you can’t remove a customer account from their system. The only thing we are left with is to cancel all products or services for the account, remove all payment methods from the account, and turn off all opt-in […]

Transfer domain to godaddy

Earlier I wrote about how you can cancel Godaddy domain registration order and now today I am writing about how you can transfer domain from any registrar to Godaddy. I would try to cover enough information that this tutorial will serve a good one for transferring domains from any registrar to any other but the […]

Cancel Godaddy Domain Registration Order

Recently I was playing with the Godaddy cart and found myself into a position where I have placed an order of an unwanted domain and that too with no discount coupons applied (I could have saved some bucks) whereas I myself keep au updated copy of some of the Godaddy discount coupons for personal use […]