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Earlier I wrote about how you can cancel Godaddy domain registration order and now today I am writing about how you can transfer domain from any registrar to Godaddy. I would try to cover enough information that this tutorial will serve a good one for transferring domains from any registrar to any other but the screenshots will be of Godaddy as the gaining registrar.

Lets understand the process to make things easy.

How Domain Transfer is carried out?

  • Loosing Registrar – The one with which the domain is registered for now.
  • Gaining Registrar – The one to which we want to transfer the domain.
  • Domain Transfer is bought at the gaining registrar.
  • Domain should be unlocked at the loosing registrar and Domain Secret Key or Authorization Code is gained needed to initiate the transfer.
  • Gaining Registrar sends an email to confirm the transfer along with a Transaction ID and Security Code.
  • Gaining Registrar sends a notification to Loosing Registrar to transfer the domain.
  • Loosing Registrar sends confirmation for release of domain.
  • After confirmation, it releases the domain to Gaining Registrar.
  • A transfer success notification is sent & the domain control is now available at the new registrar.

Steps for transferring from any registrar to Godaddy

  • Select Transfer Domains at the homepage of Godaddy.
  • transfer domain

  • Enter the name of domain and proceed to checkout.
  • transfer domain

  • When you have purchased the domain transfer, then open Domain Manager by selecting My Domains under the My Products tab on the left sidebar.
  • transfer domain

  • From the Domains menu, select Pending Transfer.
  • transfer domain

  • Click the Authorization button on the right side and select Begin Transfer Authorization.
  • transfer domain

  • Enter the Transaction ID & Security Code received earlier in email.
  • transfer domain

  • Authorize the transfer.
  • transfer domain

  • Enter the Domain Secret Key or Authorization Code on the next prompt.
  • transfer domain

  • Wait for instructions from the Loosing Registrar to approve the transfer. If the domain is unlocked and no reply is received within 5 days, it will proceed forward.
  • After release of domain, it will soon be available under your new registrar’s account.

Now you have complete control of your domain on your new registrar’s account.

Have you ever transferred domains from one registrar to another? How was your experience? If you ran into issues or need more help, then leave a comment here and I will try to help.


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  1. Excellent ! This is what I’m looking for ! 🙂

    Thanks Ash ! 🙂

  2. @S.Pradeep
    You are welcome!

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  4. Its very helpful..

  5. This blog was the most helpful tool I could find out there for transferring domains. Thanks much! The only problem I had was figuring out how to obtain my auth code from our current registrar–which is wordpress. For that I had to scour the forums on their support page which was tedious. But once I figured out how to get that to work the rest was a breeze!

    1. Glad to hear that you did it fine.

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    Vaibhav Deshpande

    This is a very very useful blog.THANKS for the same.

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  7. Very useful information.

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  8. Mayuresh Patil Avatar
    Mayuresh Patil

    Hi, but where can I find the transaction ID?

    1. Hi,

      You will receive that in an email from Godaddy (Gaining registrar).

      1. Sir 15 Days Ho Gaye Par ABhi Tak Koi Email Or Paise Bhi Nahi AAye Hai Please Help Karo

        1. You should be contacting Godaddy support!
          They are the one who can help in this regard, not me.

  9. in my opinion GoDaddy charges a bit more than other registers. maybe it is due to their intense adverse campaigns … great post mate. 🙂