How to start a website or blog

With so many questions people asking me questions about how to start a blog, I am writing this article on how you can do the same.

Difference between a Website & blog

The only difference between the two is in the presentation of the content. The website has several pages with an organized hierarchy and the main page shows up with lots of option to navigation through the content whereas in a blog the content depends a lot on time and that’s why the content is organized in a chronological order (newer articles come up over the previous articles).

Static & Dynamic

Static means that no processing is done other than serving up the ready-made pages. Dynamic means the system is database driven and database driven websites are pretty common these days.

What do you need?


You will need a domain name that people will open the website / blog by typing the domain. Example: are three different domains. Do some brainstorming and come up with a nice domain name. Preferably go for a .com unless you have a reason not to.

Domain names [.com] costs about 7+USD annually. I buy my domains from Godaddy.


You will need a webhost where you can host your files. Take it like this that you need a computer with some space which can provide the site files to anyone opening up your site. This computer remains connected to high speed internet all the time. So this comes up with a price. Free ones are too troublesome. I recommend WPWebHost (WordPress optimized WebHost) for awesome service and support. I use them myself.

WPWebHost costs 5USD monthly and is definitely+ worth it considering their service and insanely awesome support.


If you are not starting away with a static website (like uploading html pages) then WordPress is your best bet. They enable millions of publishers to publish content online effortlessly. I use WordPress both as my blogging engine and as CMS. Believe me its one framework that has the power of driving any web project. I myself develop WordPress based web projects. Moreover additional functionality can be added by plugins and there is a arsenal of theme available and one can design a custom theme with ease too.

Download latest version of WordPress

Installing WordPress

There are several methods of installing WordPress :

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