WordPress Optimized WebHost – WpWebHost Review


Selecting the right webhost is crucial for a web publisher as it keep hosting woes at bay and let the publisher concentrate on what is important i.e. generating content. WpWebHost Offers everything one would expect out of a hosting package. The thing worth mentioning about them is that their servers are specially configured for WordPress users so they give better performance as compared to webhosts which are configured for general use.

By optimization I mean that their servers execute the WordPress script (its a php script after all) fast and hence gives a edge over its competitors. And did I mention that they have got great support? I myself always try out new things with WordPress and whenever I need to contact them, I shoot them a support mail and believe me their support is really awesome (I generally don’t use the word awesome easily but that was the first word which came to my mind).

I almost always get the reply on the same day. Whenever I communicate with their staff, I always feel that I am getting personal attention. They are very friendly. When I signed up for them a few months back, I paid almost a week after using their service because I had some issues with PayPal but they didn’t impose any restriction on me. They even gave me a free week of hosting. That’s cool!

Being WordPress optimized webhost they don’t restrict you in using any other script. I would recommend them to WordPress developers too as you will get great help and support from them.

I need to say it. You will love their service for sure. Now they even have special packages for WordPress MU and recently they added a Semi Dedicated plan which is like powering up your site with a VPS, all which are specially optimized for better performance.

One thing that I would like to mention is that when I bought the hosting, I ended up on a IP Address which was hosting two adult sites too. So as not to harm my SERPs I got a dedicated IP Address for myself. I would have taken it anyway but I took it because at that time I had to.

Their hosting will cost you 5USD per month. I highly recommend WpWebHost. Sign up with them and you won’t regret it.