How to use Adsense competitve ad filter to block unwanted ads

In this post, I will explain how you can block unwanted ads to show up on your blog or website. You may want to block ads from your competitor or may want to block ads of a product which is eating up your potential affiliate sale.


For example : I offer bbPress related services such as bbPress installation, bbPress integration and designing bbPress custom themes. I have written many bbPress articles too. Now if adsense shows an ad of a designing firm offering any bbPress service that I offer too, there is a chance that I can lose that potential client.

Another example : I recommend WpWebHost as a very good webhosting for WordPress based blogs and sites, so why I would entertain ads of other webhosting companies which might eat up my affiliate earnings of recommending WpWebHost to my readers.

How to block unwanted ads

  • Login into your adsense account.
  • Select the Adsense Setup tab.


  • Select Competitive Ad Filter sub-tab.
  • Down below select the type of adsense ad you want to filter i.e. adsense for content, adsense for search, adsense for feeds or adsense for domains.
  • Enter the URLs of the ads in the text box.


  • Click on Save changes.

Changes will be effective within 45mins approximately. Leave a comment if you have anything to ask and block those unwanted annoying ads.


3 responses to “How to use Adsense competitve ad filter to block unwanted ads”

  1. This is a great way to block out competitors from advertising on your site. You never want to have your competitors stealing your visitors or customers from your site.

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