Smart way of experimenting with ads performance

Everyone knows that one needs to experiment on the ads position in the layout so as to optimize their earnings as there is no hard and fast rule here. Certain statistics data do help but still considering the nature & origin of traffic and the behavior is unique for each and every blog and one […]

How to use Adsense competitve ad filter to block unwanted ads

In this post, I will explain how you can block unwanted ads to show up on your blog or website. You may want to block ads from your competitor or may want to block ads of a product which is eating up your potential affiliate sale. Scenario For example : I offer bbPress related services […]

Google Adsense cracked due to a Security flaw

  (Digit November 2007 Issue) India’s leading technology magazine DIGIT, has had in its November 2007 issue, a serious look at what one Indian security analyst claims is a flaw in Google’s AdSense. A Indian named, Manish Arora has found a way to cheat adsense and make thousands of US$ quickly. His claim has been […]

Google Adsense adds AD Management Feature

Adsense is still on the track of making things more productive for its publishers. Recently they have launched a AD Management feature. Earlier after generating the code, publishers don’t have any option of saving it for future use or if they need to change the color, channel, cornering style etc, they need to regenerate the […]