GigaTribe Private P2P Network

We all must have used Torrents at least once. Torrents, as we know work on P2P network. If you are new to torrents and P2P, I would suggest you read the post where I explained the basics of using torrents to download a file.

GigaTribe lets you transfer files among other users with ease. Its like have a private torrent network and that too with 256 bit encryption. There is no limit on the file size or transfer limits.

Its really a good alternative of sending files larger than 10 MB or 20 MB, the usual attachment limit. You can send whole movies, your entire songs collection. It works by setting up folders that you want to share. Connect with a friend on the client. Browse their shared files and download. Pretty simple!

Download and Install GigaTribe


You will be prompted for login. Create a new user account. You will get a confirmation email. Click on the activation link within the email and your account is ready.


Login into the client now.


Now click on Folders tab and add folders to share.


Make sure you take care to select subfolders so that all the contents of that folder can be shared. Just check the Enable recursive sharing option.

Ask your friend to do the same steps till this point.


Now click on Add to add your friend in your list.


Select the first option – Sending an invitation to a friend who already uses GigaTribe.


Accept the invitation by selecting the user from left sidebar and then clicking on Accept invitation.


Now select the user and open it. You would be able to view the files.


If you look under the Folders tab, then you can see the list of folders shared by that user.


Right click on the file and download it. It will be placed in your GigaTribe Downloads folder under My Documents.


Under the My Transfers you can see the transfers going on.

A friend needed to get some file and I crawled him to try out this application. As far as the application is concerned, I am pretty much satisfied with the application and the best thing is that interrupted sessions are resumed flawlessly.

Say Goodbye to traditional ways of transferring files to other users, GigaTribe is here.

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4 responses to “GigaTribe Private P2P Network”

  1. Good way to share files. But the reciever need this software to get the file.

    1. Yes! But the benefits are worth it. No file size limitations and encrypted transfers.

  2. harshvardhan chauhan Avatar
    harshvardhan chauhan

    .exe file can be shared through dis application or not??
    have you tried dis application for .exe files???

    1. I see no reason why it shouldn’t. In my test, I tried only documents (PDFs).
      If this or some other restricts the file, then either zip it or change the extension manually and revert it back 😉