Using Filezilla to connect via SFTP

I have written earlier about using SFTP instead of FTP where I highlighted about the advantages of using SFTP and avoiding FTP. I also wrote about how you can obtain the SFTP login details from your cpanel.

I recently gave some hosting space to a friend’s site and when he asked about FTP details, I told him about the benefits of using SFTP over FTP, and this post is for how one can login using a client which supports SFTP. I will be using my favorite client, Filezilla.


On the left side, there is a button to access Site Manager, click the button to open the Site manager.


In Site manager, Click New Site and then enter a name for the site. Then enter the details on the right side and click ok to save it.


Now whenever you want to access the site or want to connect via SFTP to your site, then press the small arrow along with the site manager button and it will display a list of saved sites.

Select the one you want and it will connect depending on the logontype i.e. Either it will connect automatically if you saved the password too or will ask if you have set it too ask at login time.

Enjoy safe computing! Always prefer to use SFTP over FTP.


5 responses to “Using Filezilla to connect via SFTP”

  1. Seems like I can give a try to it.

    1. Actually you should. Once you start gaining momentum, people will be targeting you.

  2. Cool… I think SFTP is more secure than the normal one because its using SSH right? 😀

    1. Right! 🙂

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