Connect to a FTP server in Ubuntu without any FTP client

You don’t need a FTP client to connect to a FTP server in Ubuntu, in fact this seems a lot better than traditional FTP download and upload method, though it is still the same but we don’t have to do it manually. We mount the FTP space of a server on our system and can […]

Using Filezilla to connect via SFTP

I have written earlier about using SFTP instead of FTP where I highlighted about the advantages of using SFTP and avoiding FTP. I also wrote about how you can obtain the SFTP login details from your cpanel. I recently gave some hosting space to a friend’s site and when he asked about FTP details, I […]

Why use sftp instead of ftp

We all know about the good old FTP which we have used so many times to upload or download data from/to a web server to/from our computer. But do we know how much risk is involved in using FTP? Many of us don’t. So through this post, I will try to highlight why one should […]

Install WordPress manually via FTP/SFTP

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can install WordPress by means of uploading files via a FTP/SFTP connection. SFTP is recommended over FTP. All you need is a FTP/SFTP client to connect and upload files to your server and then a browser to run the installation.