Gravatar powered profiles

If you are related to internet world a little more, then chances are that you must be using Gravatar. In case you have been living under a rock or just started out in the sun, Gravatar is a Globally recognized avatar where a single avatar is used across all Gravatar enabled sites. You want to change it, you do it and its reflected everywhere. Simple yet powerful. Isn’t it?

It was pretty easy to implement on your system too as it use email to uniquely identify the person and then display the associated Gravatar. (Learn more)

Till now Gravatar was just an image which will appear whenever you leave a comment but now it has evolved into something that can show a flair of your personality and things you do around the web.

You can either edit your WordPress profile or edit your Gravatar profile, its one and the same thing.

Here is how my profile looks

gravatar profile

I found the move to be a good one and it seems that more is coming soon. Here is the official announcement. What do you think?