New Orkut Screenshots & Invites Giveaway

A few days back, Orkut got a revamped look with some additional functionalities but new Orkut is available to users on invite only. When I checked today then I saw the invitation on my Orkut home. An important thing to note is that one need an invite to use new Orkut. Either you get it […]

Share your day to day incidents online

We all live online. Don’t we? Many of us including me spends more time online as compared to the time spent in offline activities but when I do it, I do it right. 😉 So, I am going to share two three really cool sites with you which you can use to share your small […]

I JUST MADE LOVE.COM – Now that’s an innovative idea

Innovative Idea, I would say. I liked the concept more than I did the logo. I Just Made Love.com is about marking the places where you made love. It uses Google Maps to show you the world map. You can browse and zoom in to the place which you want to mark. Right click on […]

My New Project – Need A Project

Howdy! Finally I managed to push out one of my projects from the pipeline – Need A Project. Its all about coding in C, C++, JAVA, PHP, MySQL, xHTML & CSS. It aims for students and wanna-be programmers to interact on forums and improve their programming skill set.

How to highlight first post in bbPress

bbPress 1.0 made it super easy to highlight or style the first post of a topic by adding a DIV ID to it. Now bbPress will automatically wrap the post in a DIV names as per its position in the topic (<div id=”position-X”>). Now if we want to style the first post differently we would […]

Lyrster helps you find songs by lyrics

Has it ever happened to you that you can’t recall the name of a song but you do remember a single or a few lines of its lyrics? Stupid question, i know. Everyone would say, Yes! Well, if you can’t recall, then you are no way out of luck. Lyrster is a search engine which […]

Pimp your Gmail look

We all love Gmail. Don’t we? I even use Gmail on domains but one thing that it certainly lacks in is its look. Google don’t give much importance to the looks other than colors and all as it doesn’t want to compromise with performance at any point. Gmail addiction is too much already and here […]