6 Free Data Recovery Softwares

You may have been in a situation where you accidentally deleted your important data or it just got deleted due to data corruption or hard drive crash or whatever reason and your first reaction was of panic. All the work and possible non recoverable data is now gone forever. However you don’t need to worry […]

Typewith.me let multiple users work on a single document simultaneously

Typewith.me is a great service which let multiple users work on single document simultaneously. You can create a new document and there is no need to signup for users. A URL will be created for the document, like http://typewith.me/HoDqXuyIj3 (its the one I tested with my room-mate). Just share this URL with users you want […]

GigaTribe Private P2P Network

We all must have used Torrents at least once. Torrents, as we know work on P2P network. If you are new to torrents and P2P, I would suggest you read the post where I explained the basics of using torrents to download a file. GigaTribe lets you transfer files among other users with ease. Its […]

Nokia N86 Review

Nokia N86 – 8GB | 8MP | ? awesomeness Today I am going to review my new cell phone Nokia N86. I am so much excited that I actually wanted to do a comprehensive review of the phone but that would have to be cut down on to my opinion of the features of the […]

Cl1p.net is my Online Clipboard

Have you ever come across the situation you need to work on some article or some program code with multiple people all of which are on different computers with just internet access? Well what would you have done? Let me guess. You must have decided as which one of the contributors will be working on […]

Check availability of your Username

Everyone one of us has a username on the sites we are a member of. And the reason why many of us have a unique online codename is just to maintain a single username as a matter of convinence. Isn’t it? Now in this Web 2.0 world, we may sometimes come across a service in […]

Minilyrics – Get lyrics within your media player

I am in a habit of hunting lyrics of my favorite songs but this can be a time consuming method if you like many songs. As you are no different from me (We all love music. Don’t we?), here is a method that can save you time if you are also like me and hunt […]