Google Sky Maps discover and browse the night sky by pointing your phone to space

Now this is really amazing. Google is known to bring the best in innovation to the world and that too for free. If you are reading this, that means you have already read the title and asked yourself “Hey! Is that for real?”. Yes it is for real and brings a WOW factor with it […]

6 Free Data Recovery Softwares

You may have been in a situation where you accidentally deleted your important data or it just got deleted due to data corruption or hard drive crash or whatever reason and your first reaction was of panic. All the work and possible non recoverable data is now gone forever. However you don’t need to worry […]

Problem Step Recorder – Tool for making steps with screenshots based on actions

Have your ever faced the situation where you need to guide someone to do something on the computer and it has made you pull your hair because no matter how hard you try, the other guy won’t do it correctly? If you are a geek, then I bet you must have faced this situation before. […]

View torrent video before downloading them completely

Everyone know we need to download the whole file from torrents before we can view it. Some torrents do have sample videos with them and user can download them first and see if this quality will suffice to their needs of watching the video but most of the times, the torrent doesn’t have any sample […]

GigaTribe Private P2P Network

We all must have used Torrents at least once. Torrents, as we know work on P2P network. If you are new to torrents and P2P, I would suggest you read the post where I explained the basics of using torrents to download a file. GigaTribe lets you transfer files among other users with ease. Its […]

Lunascape – Triple Engine Browser

We web designers know how important it is to check our web designs in different browsers as different browsers interpret things differently because they are based on different engines. Not to mention we have IE 6 (I hate it as much as I love my love). Right now apart from Multiple IE browser trick, and […]

Check webdesign in different versions of IE

I am a freelancer web designer and as a web designer I design websites that are cross browser compatible. I know how much of a pain is IE for all web designers. So today I am sharing something that will help some, if not many of the web designers (front end developers).