Dropbox – Perfect for backup, sync and sharing your important files

There are pretty much options for backing up your files online like Windows Skydrive, Ubuntu one etc and yet more places for sharing files like rapidshare, megaupload etc. but what if I tell you that you have can have one perfect solution, and that too will not cost anything if you need a few GBs […]

TeuxDeux – Best To-do one can have!

I know there are a lot of To-do apps out there and some of you might just stick with paper and pen because they rock (I believe the same) but sometimes I can’t carry my diary with me all the time. Moreover you can’t access it until you are actually carrying your stationery. I found […]

Making use of WordPress functions.php

As you know, WordPress comes with an option of putting in some code snippets in functions.php file and it will bring its magic into action. Lets explore this option and how you can use it for good. Every theme comes with a functions.php which is executed on each page load. If its not there, you […]

Download Skype directly

A reader just enquired me how Skype can be downloaded directly on the post Download Yahoo messenger directly. Skype Direct Download Link Here is a direct link of downloading Skype – http://www.filehippo.com/download_skype/download/08a276493ca86f0de93c85b28039e294/ And for future versions, you can go to this page and directly download from there.

Examine HTML headers in Firefox and Google Chrome

I needed to check an issue in which the deep integrated bbPress forum pages were showing up along with a 404 header code generated by WordPress. I am showing you how you can view html headers in both Firefox and Chrome. HTML headers in Firefox using Firebug You will need Firebug addon. Open the page […]

Refresh Facebook Notes Feeds if they have stopped updating

I have added my blog feeds to Facebook notes and it has happened to me twice that they stopped refreshing i.e. new articles from my blog feed were not being added to Facebook notes. If any user is facing the same issue, he/she can resolve this issue by refreshing the feeds and here is how […]

alternativeTo.net lets you try alternatives to your software or applications

Are you tired of using the old boring software you have been sticking to for a long time. You want to search for a better one (ultimately the best software) but is lazy enough to keep delaying your search. If that’s the case with you or may be not, you will find alternativeTo.net a great […]