WordPress Plugin to fix Facebook Like Thumbnail

Today, Facebook pushed live another change which made Like button work similar to what we had known the Share button to do. Just to brush up, Share button was used to show the Title, Description and a screenshot of the page which you shared and the Like button would only show up as a line that the user liked XYZ Story on ABC site. But now after the new change is live, like button functions the same as the Share button.

Here is a screenshot of how the new like would show up on your profile:


I don't like the move as people tend to like a lot more stuff than what they share. This is going to stuff the stream with lots of noise. After like is not, and can't be equivalent to share. I might like a post on Ubuntu tutorial but is that something I would want to share with everyone else. No! But that's totally a different story.

Coming back to the point, many sites would show up random image of their page instead of an appropriate image. I have seen this on several blogs including mine, that sometimes an advertisement image would show up (from the sidebar), or a totally unrelated image of my another project (from the footer). so, I took this opportunity today to fix it for everyone.

You can check what thumbnail would Facebook show for a particular page by using their Lint tool.

The problem can be solved for non-WordPress based or html sites or whatever, by adding this line to their head section.

<link rel="image_src" href="http://example.com/logo.png" />

This will show that image on every page. But in WordPress, we can do a lot more, that's because WordPress is a brilliant piece of software.

You can use the plugin to fix the issue. It will display the first image of the post or page you are on. In case someone likes your Category or Tag page, then the first image of the first post in the listing will be used.

Facebook Like Thumbnail

Author: Ashfame, version: 0.4, updated: December 7, 2016,
Requires WP version: 3.1 or higher, tested up to: 4.7.7.
Download (85 063 hits) (5 votes)

You will need to edit a line which is highlighted in the code below to change the default fallback image to your logo so that whenever, the post doesn't have any image in it, your logo will be displayed. If you don't edit that line, then my logo will be displayed and I might sue you for that.

I have added a couple of features in the plugin, so I don't recommend you to use the snippet anymore. Using the plugin will make it easier for you to receive updates without touching any code. WordPress Facebook Like Thumbnail Plugin v0.2

In case, you don't want to download yet another plugin, you can add the following code in your functions.php file I recommend everyone to use the plugin version instead so that you can receive updates automatically.

Facebook crawls your page every 24 hours (at max), so you may not see the change right away but you would see it instantaneously, if you use the Linter tool once for that page because it updates the thumbnail for that page, right away.

I might add an options page for it to add an image if users request start coming up. Also I will host it on WordPress repositories once I get the time to, as I will need to look into it first.

If you have any question, you can ask in the comments. Also, please like it (not share) to share it with other fellow bloggers.

How to find Proxy servers with IP address and Port number

Proxy servers are used to access Internet by routing your request to a proxy server instead of directly to the server with whom you are communicating with. The proxy server makes a request on your behalf and return the result of the same back to you. It helps in cases of Internet censorship when a particular website or web service is banned in your location, be it a country or an office.

What generally people do is to open a proxy site in which they type in the web address or URL they want to access and then the page is displayed in the browser by the proxy server and all the link on the page are converted so that further requests when a user clicks on a link are routed & served by the proxy server only. But some desktop applications can also make use of proxy servers by configuring the options to route their requests to a proxy server for which you need the IP Address and Port number of the proxy server and login credentials (username & password), in case the proxy server is a private server and not open for general public. Example: Web browsers, FTP clients, Torrent clients, Media players etc

And sometimes there is even a need of a country based proxy because services like Last.fm streams free internet radio to users from US, UK & Germany. There can be several examples.

Whenever you need a good and stable proxy server, you can get a list at HideMyAss.com. The page itself keeps on updating the status of proxy servers.


You can filer proxy server listing by based on their location i.e. country, the port they run on (some applications only accept a proxy on a particular port or don't let you change it)


How to find a good proxy server?

If you observe the list, there are a lot of options to choose from. Good thing, but with more options comes the problem of picking up a good one. So, I will give you a quick tip to pick up a fast & speedy proxy server.


If you see the list, there are two bars which show the health of the proxy server. First one shows the speed and the other shows the connection time. So only look for those which show green state and hence are a good option. But chose those which are not completely green but those which are a little less because they are less likely to get a stream of more users and should sustain for more time before they go busy and stop working for you, hence you will need to make less switches as compared to picking up which is already stuffed by users. Moreover some web services might put up a restriction on users who might be using their service from the same IP (proxy server).

And also I would recommend to avoid using proxy servers for transferring any sensitive data like your gmail accounts, bank accounts etc. You can never be sure what they can do (I mean they are technically feasible of saving what data you pass through them which means your login credentials are exposed. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a shout in the comments.

In case you are a Stumble Upon user, then here is a quick tip (probably fastest method) to find proxy servers.

Facebook Apps are stealing users data

We all know people try dozens of Facebook Apps to kill time on Facebook. Although some are legitimate but majority of them are just scam. If you care about your privacy i.e. your personal details, then this article is for you.

Apps like Who will murder you? and Know when will you die? are stupid from the logical sense and anyone can tell that they are fooling around, yet people try them. Apps like Chinese Zodiac also fool around but I must say, one was genuine and another one I found was just scrapping off your data.

What it is about?

Facebook has privacy options which means you give permission to other people or apps to get access to your data. It all happens with your consent. In lieu of fun, people try apps which are malicious and were built with the intention of stealing your personal details. They then sell your details to companies and yes, there is a good market for that.

What you can do to save yourself?

First of all, stop fooling around with useless apps. Even if you are trying an app, pay attention to what permissions you are granting them while allowing access. Use some brain if they really need that much access to my details, if its suspicious, then it probably is. Let us go by a couple of examples.

Example #1

I tried this app named Status Analyzer 3D (link), which shows you a 3D cloud for the most common words found in your status updates. Alright! This is a worth one to try. Lets see the permissions it asks for.

Facebook legitimate app

Access my basic information - Don't worry about this one. It's the information you already have shared with everyone. If you have right default privacy settings in Facebook then this is not a thing to worry about.

Access posts in my News Feed - It needs to grab the status updates so that it can make out the most used words, makes sense. So trying such an app is fine.

Example #2

Lets try out a different app named Chinese Zodiac (link), which tells you about your Chinese Zodiac sign. I found a genuine one too, but in this context I will talking about the malicious one. Again lets see the permission it asks for.

Facebook malicious app

Access my basic information - Its okay!

Post to my Wall - All the apps would like to share the result of what they do on your wall so that even your friends can see it and try them. Irritating and offending is the one which doesn't confirm with you before actually posting the result or anything on your wall.

Access my data any time - Seriously? Anyone can sense something suspicious here. If not, fix yourself up before anything else. I can only imagine the use of it when the app needs to continuously access your date when it is doing some repetitive tasks for you. Most of the time, this is not needed.

For such apps, don't allow them access and report them. I have already reported this app. Actually I even emailed the developer sometime back but never heard back from him.

With over 500 million users around the world, the users are targeted for stealing their data and then selling this data to marketing companies and like. Stand up and save yourself. I will also write on how you can kill applications that have already access to your data. I only keep apps that I trust very much and if I even try out some app for fun, I remove that right away.

Were you trying all those stupid apps? Or have you tried such apps in the past? Have your say in the comments.

Check camera pictures quality using Flickr

Today I am going to share a quick tip of how you can check the picture quality of professional cameras and several smart mobile phones before buying them. You can even compare with competitive cameras & mobile phones, as a matter of fact you can do anything as you have real shots taken by people around the world on Flickr.

Go to Flick Camera Finder page.

Flickr Camera Finder

You can either select the most popular cameras appearing on the top, or select a brand of the camera just below it. Like I have a Nokia N86 (Nokia N86 Review), I select Nokia and camera page for Nokia opens up (Nokia Camera phones on Flickr) which lists the most popular camera phones of Nokia (according to the pictures uploaded on Flickr) and all the phones are listed below in a table.

Flick Nokia List

After selecting the one you are interested in (like I selected the Nokia N86), you can view the photos uploaded to Flick which were taken from the N86 camera (N86 Shots on Flickr). You can open up the photos in full size and view the quality yourself before you actually make a decision to buy yourself. Make sure you check out several pictures as that will help you make a wise judgment.

Here are some handy links for a few popular phones:

Let us know how you find this trick by commenting below.

Earn 1GB free Dropbox space in Dropquest 2011

dropquest 2011

I just completed the quiz - Dropquest 2011 and earned up to 1GB of free Dropbox space. (Why you need Dropbox?)

Dropquest 2011 Cheatsheet

Here are the steps you can take to completely complete the quiz:

Step 1 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011

Step 2 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/D 5305404/18681 = 284

Step 3 http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=284

Step 4 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/211024/Step4.zip

Step 5 zip password = "huskies"

Step 6 http://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/r

Step 7 http://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/0 3612th prime number is: 33739

Step 8 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/p

Step 9 It refers to this picture at the Dropbox blog Look at the picture, in the background is a yellow paper with a URL to Step 10

Step 10 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/b (You can use a sudoku solver)

Step 11 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/o

Step 12

Step 13 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/x

Step 14 http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.p...#post-9110

Step 15 http://blog.dropbox.com/?p=18 click on katana-ya link

Step 16 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/211024/Step16.zip

Step 17 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/h Answer = BAFF1E

Step 18 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/e Answer = Drew Houston

Step 19 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/a

Step 20 http://www.dropbox.com/help/206

Step 21 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/211024/Step21.zip Share a new folder with dropquest@dropbox.com named 1F75CC

Step 22 https://www.dropbox.com/votebox/3...zen-yogurt

Step 23 https://www.dropbox.com/about

Step 24 Click on Rian Hunter

Step 25 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/211024/rainbowshell.zip

Step 26 Get notes from midi file = badcabbage

Step 27 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/t Answer = badcabbage

Step 28 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/s Answer = 1133471056

Step 29 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/U Answer = Dr0pbox heaRts U

Step 30 https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest...inish_line

That is it. Enjoy the extra GB free space and this doesn't count in your 8GB max referral limit. Happy Dropbox'in!

Connect to a FTP server in Ubuntu without any FTP client

You don't need a FTP client to connect to a FTP server in Ubuntu, in fact this seems a lot better than traditional FTP download and upload method, though it is still the same but we don't have to do it manually. We mount the FTP space of a server on our system and can work on it locally just like other files. The moment you make any changes, they are uploaded to the server without you doing anything manually. Moreover this way is very efficient for handling multiple files and folder. You can even use it to live edit a site as it works really fast.

The screenshots are that of Ubuntu 10.10 & it should be close to other versions.

Steps to connect to a FTP server in Ubuntu

Select Places > Connect to Server.


Select FTP (with login) as Service type, enter server name and user name. You can even add it as a bookmark so that next you will only need to click it once to quickly connect to the server again.


Enter the password and chose to save it if its your personal computer.


That's it. You can now browse your FTP content just like how you browse local files.


Have fun with powerful Ubuntu!

VPS Hosting Benefits for a Growing Site

These days it's not just web designers that are in the market for a web hosting package, now practically anyone can have a website with easy to use builder templates and accessible e-commerce and blogging tools. But it comes down to which package is the right fit, whether you go with shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting) or a dedicated server, you have to keep in mind that the amount of sites, uses and popularity will most likely grow.

New Server Creative Commons License photo credit: DeclanTM

The first choice that may come to mind would be to go with the cheapest option, which would be a shared hosting plan. This offers shared resources, such as RAM, disk space and CPU. But as with anything shared, there comes limitations. On the opposite hand, a dedicated server offers unlimited resources as the machine is yours and only yours. But of course, it comes with a hefty price tag. Nevertheless, a compromising option is available with VPS hosting.

As the popularity of a site grows, a shared hosting plan just doesn't cut it with limited resources that can cause the high traffic to noticeably slow a site down or even cause it to crash. And understandably for many, a dedicated server may be out of budget. VPS hosting offers the best of both worlds with such features as server level customization and dedicated RAM and disk space with just a shared CPU, with all at a fraction of a dedicated server's cost. Other great features include burstable memory, which reserves resources so they're available when needed, such as in times of unexpected high traffic. Also, there's scalability, where you can start off with just a simple site and grow to multiple, complex sites with large databases, e-commerce and so on without having to upgrade machines.

All in all, whether you're a professional web designer, small business, or an avid blogger, VPS hosting is a great option to fulfill your need to have room for growth without the limitations of shared hosting or the high costs of having a dedicated server.

If you have any doubts or couldn't understand a thing, feel free to ask in the comments.