Setting up Caddy PHP MySQL stack for a web server

Login into your server as the root user ssh root@xx.xx.xxx.xx Update everything first Set timezone to UTC Set hostname Setup user Add a new user for ourselves, we won’t be using root user after this initial setup for security purposes. Setup SSH key based login for ourselves Paste your public key and save the file. […]

Show Ajax loading animation automatically using Pace

Making Hubspot's Pace library behave & work as advertised

How much traffic does 200+ upvotes in a Product Hunt launch brings?

Getting 600+ websites being monitored in less than 2 weeks of launch

Deploying to AWS lambdas to multiple regions in one go

Deploying your code to AWS Lambdas to multiple regions using a CLI ?

Keeping tab on Google Analytics Realtime view without staring at it

Contains Embedded Gist of Javascript code + GIF of the end-result in action

SSH password less key authentication 101

Check whether you already have a key pair generated. Inside .ssh directory of your home, if you see files name id_rsa and id_rsa.pub then you can use them. If you don’t have them, generate a new one. How to generate a SSH key pair? ssh-keygen -t rsa To be able to use password less authentication, […]

Setting up your VPS

Its very easy to setup a VPS considering the tools now we have on our exposure. This post is more of a self note to myself, so pardon me for not explaining things. To quickly setup latest NginX, MySQL, PHP (with APC and Suhosin) & exim, just use this script https://github.com/vladgh/VladGh.com-LEMP These instructions will get things […]