[bbPress Plugin] How to disable bbPress registrations

There may be cases where users want to disable new member registrations so as to keep the forum close to the existing members only or its a invite only forum or whatever the case may be. In this post I will demonstrate how can you disable bbPress registrations.

All the registrations are handled by the file register.php of bbPress. So if we just remove the code from register.php then no registrations can take place. But that would be overwritten in a bbPress upgrade so we can make a plugin for that too but checking for an extra thing on every page load is a little overhead that I would want to avoid. Busy forum owners would agree with me on this but if you don’t like to touch the code at all, then you can go for plugin too. Its up to you.

Replace original register.php with this register.php

The contents of new register.php is a single line

<?php /* Silence is Golden */ ?>

Or right click & save this file & then rename it to register.php and replace the original file.

bbPress Disable Registration Plugin

The Code has been taken from a post in bbPress forums.

Download the plugin

If you have any questions about bbPress, then feel free to ask via comments. I love both questions & bbPress ;)

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