Blog Statistics For March 2008

Another month is over and I am ready to publish my stats for the month of march. I was to publish it yesterday but I didn’t as I have something serious to say and that should not be taken as a April Fool Prank. So I am going to say it today. Before that here are the stats and I encourage you all to subscribe to me feeds if you like the content of this blog.

March 2008 Blog Statistics

  • Visits: 7,999
  • Pageviews: 10,576
  • Pages per Visit: 1.32
  • Bounce Rate: 82.04%
  • Avg. Time on Blog: 52 seconds
  • %New Visits: 93.30%

Traffic Sources


  • Referring Sites: 49.72% (3,977)
  • Search Engines: 42.92% (3,433)
  • Direct Traffic: 7.36% (589)

March 2008 Most Popular Posts

March 2008 Favorite Posts

New Pages

Feed Statistics

Feed Subscribers reached a maximum limit of 90 Subscribers. Am I too techie in my posts that people are scared to subscribe? :mrgreen:

What’s Next?

As many of you already know that I am engineering student and my 4 SEM examinations are coming, I can’t afford to compute all day long. I feel like blogging all the time but I have decided that I will only blog after I have studied enough in a day. And after all this, I am going to learn html + css + php and I am looking forward to design templates, themes and plugins. So you can expect things like as I said above in coming months and I am sorry to inform you all that I won’t be updating my blog on a regular basis as I have some academic responsibilities (believe me, its more than just scoring well).


9 responses to “Blog Statistics For March 2008”

  1. How in comparison with previous month?

  2. Congrats on a successful month. You have written some useful posts this month.

  3. @Ebook
    You can check my Feb Stats.
    I improved SE traffic this month and last month traffic was mainly due to a post which got viral in Stumble upon.

    Thanks for appreciating. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. All the best for future.

  5. Hi,

    First of all i want to congratulate you on achieving high traffic this month ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of Luck for the next month too !

    Next i want to ask you the name of the plugin you are using at the bottom to count pages. I love this plugin but i am unable to find it on the Internet . If you dont mind sharing it do let me know . Thanks

    Last but not the least if you dont mind sharing your CTR of Adsense it would be cool for me to compare my visitors. U can hit me a private email if you dont want to disclouse openly. I am getting almost similar number of visitors but unfortunatly the click ratio is too low. In other words the Google Adsense is depressing me ๐Ÿ™

    Keep bringing the cool stuf!

  6. @Nirmal, Waqas
    Thanks for your wishes.
    I am busy with my exams these days and will get back to you once I am done with them.

  7. Ok, thanks… Hope to catch you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. P.S. Good luck for your exams!

  9. Your web page doesn’t correctly work in safari browser