bbPress Development Visual Roadmap

Today, WPCandy published the WordPress 3.1 Visual Roadmap which was pretty awesome. So, I thought I would create a similar video for bbPress. I used Gource to create the video and please note that first video is of the trunk version and second video is of the new plugin branch (bbPress as a WordPress plugin). […]

TeuxDeux – Best To-do one can have!

I know there are a lot of To-do apps out there and some of you might just stick with paper and pen because they rock (I believe the same) but sometimes I can’t carry my diary with me all the time. Moreover you can’t access it until you are actually carrying your stationery. I found […]

Wordle let you create beautiful word clouds

Many of us must have seen beautiful clouds which shows emphasizing more on certain words as compared to other words as if they all were under the thought process and a few came up as high prioritized. Wordle.net is the service used to create such beautiful clouds. Wordle can create clouds from either a bunch […]

Commit Web 2.0 suicide to live a real life

Are you one of those who spends more time online than in offline world? Do you miss your real life? If you do, then you can commit suicide in your online life by this weird but great service – Web 2.0 Suicide machine which helps you actually do that on facebook, twitter, linkedin & myspace. […]

Orkut adds new Promotion feature

Orkut has added a new feature of promoting or sharing something with your friends. Be it a cool picture, funny video or simple text, you can share anything with your friend list which can further be promoted by your friends and then that will be visible to all of their friends. Cool! Isn’t it?

I JUST MADE LOVE.COM – Now that’s an innovative idea

Innovative Idea, I would say. I liked the concept more than I did the logo. I Just Made Love.com is about marking the places where you made love. It uses Google Maps to show you the world map. You can browse and zoom in to the place which you want to mark. Right click on […]

Picreflect create reflection of images

A few months back many blogs were having logos with a mirror reflection of their brand name which in my terms was appealing and worth for the time you opt a professional logo design. Earlier Photoshop or Gimp (Image Editing Softwares) were used to create such effects but now there are automated scripts which can […]