Gravatar powered profiles

If you are related to internet world a little more, then chances are that you must be using Gravatar. In case you have been living under a rock or just started out in the sun, Gravatar is a Globally recognized avatar where a single avatar is used across all Gravatar enabled sites. You want to change it, you do it and its reflected everywhere. Simple yet powerful. Isn’t it?

It was pretty easy to implement on your system too as it use email to uniquely identify the person and then display the associated Gravatar. (Learn more)

Till now Gravatar was just an image which will appear whenever you leave a comment but now it has evolved into something that can show a flair of your personality and things you do around the web.

You can either edit your WordPress profile or edit your Gravatar profile, its one and the same thing.

Here is how my profile looks

gravatar profile

I found the move to be a good one and it seems that more is coming soon. Here is the official announcement. What do you think? let multiple users work on a single document simultaneously

typewithme-page is a great service which let multiple users work on single document simultaneously.


You can create a new document and there is no need to signup for users. A URL will be created for the document, like (its the one I tested with my room-mate). Just share this URL with users you want to work with.

Users get to see a present copy of the document with additional options of setting their name, text background color and chat facility on the sidebar.

As users start typing in the document, the text will appear with the background color selected. The magic is that the text is synchronized as you type so that everyone viewing the document sees the same text.

Its a great tool when you need to work on something together with other users. Everyone can participate simultaneously.

There are additional options to Import/Export, view Saved Revisions, clearing background colors and a Time slider. Time Slider view lets you see the document as per state of the document with respect to time. If you want a demo, open the test document, I created for this post and click on the Time Slider button.

I hope you can make use of this tool when collaborating with friends, colleagues or co-worker. Isn't the service pretty useful? What do you think?

Delete Godaddy account and associated information

godaddy If you want to delete Godaddy account then you should know that as per their Privacy Policy, you can’t remove a customer account from their system. The only thing we are left with is to cancel all products or services for the account, remove all payment methods from the account, and turn off all opt-in email notifications.

Cancel all Products and Services

  • Select Payments and Renewing Items from the Renewals & Upgrades menu.
  • Check the box next to the item(s) you would like to cancel and click on the Cancel Item button.
  • Select Cancel Now or Cancel at Expiration Date in the menu that appears to the right.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Canceling now will immediately remove the service from your account. If you choose to "Cancel at Expiration Date" the service will remain active until the date specified and will not be renewed.

Remove all Payment methods

There must be no products or services in our system which are currently linked to that payment method before you can remove it.

  • Select Credit Card & Payment Info from the My Account menu.
  • Select the radio button next to the desired payment method in the list.
  • Click the Deactivate Payment Method button.
  • If there are any products or services currently associated with this item you will then be forced to move them to another payment method before you can continue.
  • After moving any products or services to another payment method, click the Save Changes button.

Opt out / Cancel all Email notifications

  • Select Account Settings from the My Account menu.
  • Click on the Email Preference Information link.
  • Go through the choices and select your preference for each.
  • When you are done, click on the green Save Changes button.

You can also use the UNSUBSCRIBE link found at the bottom of all the notices that they send out.

If you need any further assistance, then feel free to get in contact with their support team. They are slow in response time but helps solving the problem anyway.

Cancel pending printing jobs with a simple batch file

If you have ever used printers (most of you will obviously have), you must be knowing that it can be a real pain when we want to cancel a print job but it will just not go away.

Why it takes so long to cancel print job?

This occurs because the temporary file created for printing the job can’t be deleted because it is being continuously accessed by windows. One solution is to kill the spoolsv.exe service using Task Manager and delete all jobs present in C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and then either restart the spoolsv.exe service or restart the computer so that the service is restarted by itself. But we can do all these steps by automating the work with batch files.

Download batch file

[adsense] This batch file will quickly cancel print queue so that you can now continue with printing more jobs.

Flush printing job queue (Batch file)

The content of the batch file is as follows

@echo off
echo Stopping print spooler.
net stop spooler
echo deleting stuff... where? I'm not sure. Just deleting stuff.
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.shd
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.spl
echo Starting print spooler.
net start spooler

Now whenever you need to instantly cancel print queue, just double click on the batch file and it will delete the pending jobs. A very good piece of advice by Pallav is to be careful while using this batch file in a work environment as if you are on a print server, it would cancel printing jobs of all connected printers.

Thanks to Pallab for bringing my attention and to Lifehacker for the code.

You can also make a custom command which you can type in Run (Win + R) to execute the batch file. Read Creating Custom Run Commands

Remove unwanted startup items to improve boot up time

Do you have to wait for programs to load up when you boot up your computer? You keep looking at the system tray waiting for programs to load one by one and most of them are those which are not even used every now and then.

Here is how you can manage your boot startup list.


Press Win key + R and enter msconfig.


Select the Startup tab and uncheck those items which you don’t want to start at bootup.

Click OK and restart your system when prompted to do so.

That’s it. Now those programs which you have unchecked will not load and slow down the computer at bootup and your computer will finish loading your startup items faster.

Happy Computing!

Bullzip pdf printer prints file to PDF format

There are several tools and services for converting file to pdf formats. But it becomes a pain to use them if you convert files to pdf format quite often and sometimes the results are completely unusable like formatting is all messed up.

There are several disadvantages of using such tools & services which are :

  • Time consuming process.
  • Formatting is not preserved exactly.
  • Conversion of only a few file formats are supported.

In my opinion, I don’t even like using them. I do use PDFmyurl to convert web pages into pdf on the fly and to convert posts from my blog to pdf for visitors. You can provide the option to download posts as pdfs on your blog too.


Best option to convert files to pdf formats is to use Bullzip. It will add itself to the printer options of the computer and it will act as if it is a printer.

Now we can print any file (be it document, text file or image), select the Bullzip PDF printer and in output it will generate a PDF file.


Awesome stuff!

It overcomes many of the limitations discussed above and has its advantages of its own :

  • Very fast (Give Print command and select the printer and you are done).
  • Even text files which are tabbed can be printed exactly without loss of any formatting.
  • Any file which can printed can be converted to PDF (There are no limitations as such).

I highly recommend Bullzip to convert text documents, document pages or even images to PDF.

It supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/XP x64/2003/2003 x64/Vista/Vista x64/2008/Windows 7 and requires Ghostscript to work.

Bullzip itself is of 4.3 MB in size and Ghostscript is 8.8 MB in size.


During installation, it will automatically download and install Ghostscript.

What do you use for converting file formats to pdf? Do you use web services? I would like to hear what all do you use and why.

Chrome extension to display unread emails in Gmail

Email is a good communication tool but it also tends to be the one in which we waste most of our time by continuously checking for new emails and unread mails instead of dealing with them in batch which can save a lot of time and is an efficient approach. I am also in a habit of checking my Gmail every now and then. That’s why I like to keep it close and then check the emails after fixed amount of time, like half hour or an hour.

I switched to Google chrome as my default browser some time back as it tends to react fast when it comes to my firefox setup loaded with so many plugins. I came across this great Chrome extension - Google Mail checker which keeps me notified of unread email Gmail messages. Moreover, it works for Google Apps users too.

Here is a screenshot of my Chrome :


Just sign in your Gmail as you normally do and it will start showing you the number of unread emails count.

To use it for Google Apps, right click on the icon, select option and then enter the path to your domain name.


It also animates when the count changes. Pretty simple & useful extension in my opinion.

I would like it to provide sound notifications too but sadly it is not there. May be it will annoy some users and defeat the whole purpose of concentrating more on work. We can have an option to enable notifications which can be disabled by default. What do you think?

If you wish you can view other Official extensions for Google products. They are useful but I don't use them all day long. May be you do.